Capsules, Hoods & Screwcaps

Vinocor has an extensive range of pure tin and polylaminate capsules, sparkling wine hoods together with screwcaps for wine and olive oil. These are available in a selection of colours, sizes and customised decorative options.


Polylaminate Capsules

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Polylaminate Sparkling Hoods

Heavy gauge polylaminate material with enhanced standard features including oversized top disc covering the top form folds presenting a smooth seamless finish, sommeliers double tear tab for easy and effective removal.

Vinocorcapsule maroon
Vinocorcapsule black Polylaminate Sparkling Hood
Vinocorcapsule silver Polylaminate Sparkling Hood
Vinocorcapsule golden Polylaminate Sparkling Hood

*hover over the hoods to view unique details (e.g. sommeliers tear tab, oversized top disc)


Tin Capsules

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